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Michael Charles was born September 2, 1997. He is a comedian, actor and musician.

In the creative space, he is best known for the nickname OGB Recently and his imitating of secret fraternity members in comedy videos.

In 2021, one of his viral videos on the internet brought him to the forefront. He has become a major force in the entertainment industry.

OGB is a popular character with many dedicated fans.

Full Name: Michael Charles
Stage name: OGB Latest
Born: 2 September 1997 (age 24, years old).
Place of birth: Warri, Delta, Nigeria
State Of Origin Delta State
Nationality: Nigerian
Height: N/A
Parents: Charles and Charles
Siblings: N/A
Wife * Spouse: Not married
* Girlfriend Not disclosed
Children: N/A
Occupation: Comedian * Actor
Net worth: US$50,000-US$150,000

Early life

OGB is a Nigerian born. He was born Michael Charles 2 September 1997. He was born in Warri, Delta State’s oil city. His parents are Mrs. Charles.

He is an Ijaw Man and an indigene in Delta State. From the time he was born until he became an adult, a lot of his childhood years were spent in the South-South region.

Correcthitz can track OGB‘s entertainment career back from his primary school days, when he was a member of a drama club. He would entertain the entire school, along with his fellow club members, with dramatic plays or performances. He was often given humorous roles to play.

As he moved to high school, he continued this pattern. He attended the rehearsals and meetings of the Literary & Drama Society at his school. He represented his school in several drama competitions in Warri, and other parts of the state as a student.

OGB enjoyed making jokes and entertaining his classmates with funny antics. Both students and staff were sad to see him leave high school.


OGB Latest is a humble man, but his parents made sure he got a taste for formal education.

For his secondary and primary school education, he attended a prestigious public-owned institution.

He graduated high school in 2013 after passing the West African School Certificate Examination.

He decided to not pursue a university degree and instead entered the labour market.


OGB Latestwanted to be an actor after he graduated from secondary school. He began auditioning for roles in films in his state while working 9-5 at a Warri firm. He didn’t receive any positive response to his acting endeavors.

He decided to try the content creation industry after hearing from a friend. OGB Recently was a big fan of comedian Brain Jotter and decided to incorporate elements from the former creator into his comedy style. To stand out from Brain Jotter he assumed the role of a cultist which he was able to imitate flawlessly.

Fortune smiled upon OGB’s 2022 career and he was a well-known face in the creative field. Many of his videos went viral on social media, which led to this win. Many Nigerians associate him now with the catchphrase ” You Wanna Collect,” which is something he frequently says in his videos.

He has worked with many creatives, including Mr Macaroni and Kelvin Ikeduba, IsBae “Bae” U, The Cute Abiola. Nedu Wazobia and Ayomidate.

Social Media

OGB is a social media sensation because of his comedy videos that are always in trend.

His Instagram followers are over 503k and his Twitter followers are over 33.8k. He has more than 147k Facebook followers.

These are OGB ardent fans, who enjoy his content.

He also has a large YouTube fan base. His YouTube channel is constantly updated with funny short films and skits. His channel has more than 153k subscribers.

  • Instagram handle: @ogb_recent
  • OGB: Facebook handle
  • Twitter handle: @Ogb__Recent
  • YouTube handle: Real OGB Latest

Personal Life

OGB is currently in his 20s. He comes from humble ancestry and was exposed to the “street life” at an early age. He can easily imitate cultists because of this exposure.

Some people believed OGB Latest was a cultist at the beginning of his career. He has debunked these claims. He advises against cultism. He advises youth not to join cults, and posts the slogan ” Say no To Cultism on his social media accounts.

OGB is managed by Diamond John. Although the content creator is single, he is open to a serious relationship. OGB has been single since his youth but was previously spotted with a beautiful woman whom the media claim to be his girlfriend.

OGB Net Worth Recent

Social media comedian on the rise is already securing collaboration deals in Content Creation deals. A few brands also reached out to OGB Recent to promote their products or services on his page.

OGB has been a part of these activities for a while and is now making a steady income.

According to estimates, he has a net worth between US$70,000 and US$100,000.

OGB Recent Gallery’s

This are some of his recent photos among his gallery’s


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