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We discuss Kevo Muney Biography, Net Worth, Age and Career in 2022


Kevo Muney was born on the 11th of June 2001 at Memphis, Tennessee, United States. His mother was a single mom, Kevin was raised by his other eight siblings.

Kevo Muney has been a 23 years old hip-hop artist who hails from Memphis. He is commonly referred to by the name of Baby G. O. A. T. Kevo is well-known for his album of 2019 entitled “Baby G. O. A. T.”. In 2022, Kevo Muney’s net worth is estimated to be around $250 thousand.

Full Name

Kevo Muney

Birth Date/ Age

June 11, 2001 / 23 years old

Birth Place

Memphis, Tennessee, U. S.



Relationship Status


Net Worth

$260 million

Early Life

Kevo Muney was born the 11th of June 2001 at Memphis, Tennessee, United States. His mother was a single mom. Kevin was raised with eight siblings. His mother would play songs by Bobby Womack, Johnie Taylor, Marvin Gaye, and B. B. King. She allow him and his children listen to raps of her top artists.

Kevo began to sing in the age of four. He would sing in his home. At the age of 8, he used to stroll down Beale Street and perform songs to earn money. At times, it was late and he’d have to stay up all night in the streets. He has shared the story of how he was able to meet an individual who was cleaning the streets. He then shared a night in the street with him.

Kevo Muney Career

Muney began his career in music by releasing freestyle music on Facebook. He’s even rapped a several songs , and then uploaded them to YouTube. Kevo has earned himself the name Muney for the reason that he would use the spelling Muney rather than Money.

After a while the producer began to work on street mixtapes, and then released the tapes for public consumption. The first mixtapes he released are “Rehabilitation” along with “Another world”. The year 2017 was the first time he performed the track titled “iGrind” with King Arti. The song gained him immense recognition among Memphis hip-hop fans.

Kevo Muney Net Worth

Kevo Muney has certainly been awed by the world through his incredible songs,  Kevo Muney Net Worth is estimated to be  $260,000 as of  2022.

Kevo Muney Personal Life

Kevo Muney may be currently single. He’s not on the radar due to romantic relationships. Kevo may be focusing on his singing career in the present. The number of followers he has is growing by leaps and bounds on Instagram. His official Instagram is kevomuney3 and has 173k users at the time of writing.

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