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Jessica Origliasso, an Australian singer, songwriter and producer, is Jessica Origliasso. Her pop band, The Veronicas, is her most prominent. She also has a sister Lisa Huffman.
She was born 25 December 1984 in Albany Creek, Queensland Australia. She is the daughter Joseph and Colleen Origliasso.Jessica is a twin to Lisa, and Julian is her older brother. She is just a little older than Lisa. It is not possible to find much information about her childhood online.

Jessica is of Italian/Sicilian heritage and holds Australian citizenship. Her zodiac mark is Capricorn.

She also attended Ferny Grove State High School, Brisbane. Later, she attended Wavell State High School.

Jessica Origliasso Career

After submitting demo tracks, Jessica and Lisa were signed in 2004 by Excalibur Productions Australia. After submitting demo tracks, they were signed by Excalibur Productions Australia. They also received funding to record songs and tour.

The dup composed songs such as All About Us by T.A.T.u, What’s Happening by Casey Donovan, Faded By Kate DeArguro and many others. They needed to be The Veronicas.

They released their debut album, The Secret Life Of …, in 2005 and sold half a million copies worldwide. In 2007, Hook Me Up was released.

Their breakthrough hit, Untouched, reached the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100. The duo took a break.

They signed with Sony Music Australia, released singles such as In My Blood, The Only High and Biting My Tongue, then released two albums, Godzilla and Human, both in 2021.

Jessica Orogliasso Net Worth

According to celebrity net worth, the chart-topping singer/songwriter has an estimated worth of $6.1 million.

Her success in the entertainment and music industries is a major source of her income.

Her year-end salary, although it is still in moderation is certain to reach hundreds of thousands each year.

Her net worth will also rise due to her increasing fame and success.

She certainly lives an extravagant and luxurious life in Australia’s huge and expensive real estate.

Personal Life

The Australian singer lives a single life. At the moment, she is not seeing anyone.

Origliasso was in many relationships over the course of her career, even though she has a history with several people. Although not all of these relationships could lead to success, they are important.

Jessica describes herself as queer, sexually fluid and queer. Kai Carlton was her last relationship. They dated for two more years before they parted ways.

She has been with Josh Katz, Ruby Rose, Ryan Cabrera and many others before she met him. She is now more focused on her own needs than other people.

Relationship Status and Stats

According to multiple sources, Jessica is currently living a single life. She isn’t very vocal about her private life.

The singer has had many relationships throughout her long career in music and entertainment.

In 2005, she began going out with Ryan Cabrera, an American singer. They attended many functions together, and performed together at different functions.

Their relationship changed when he was discovered getting close to Riley Keough in Disneyland the year after.

They split up soon after and she wrote Revenge is sweeter (Than You Ever Were), a song dedicated to the ex she had dated abroad.

Soon after, she began dating Azaria Byrne, a 2006 musician. They eventually became closer.

Azaria stood by her in 2007 when her n*de photos and p*rnographuc images were leaked. As she began to hang out with Ruby Rose, her relationship with Azaria started to deteriorate.

They reconnected and made amends. They decided to part ways in October 2009 and move on.

In 2010, she began her relationship with Billy Corgan, frontman of Smashing Pumpkins.

They met for the first time at a songwriting session. He also contributed to the album Life on Mars. They split in 2012 however.

She began going out with Josh Katz two years after she separated. They also had a relationship that lasted only two years before they split up.

In the same year, Ruby Rose reunited with her and they began dating. Rose was busy with On Your Side.

By sharing photos on social media, they made their relationship public. After a while, the spark between them began to fade.

After a long and difficult relationship, they ended it in 2018. Ruby shared this story on Instagram.

After Ruby’s split, Jessica and Kai began dating. They even announced their engagement in October 2019!

They ended their relationship in 2020 after things didn’t go according to plan.

Jessica has not shared much about her relationship life since then. Jessica is very focused on her work, and doesn’t seem to have time for other things.

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