Goya Menor Net Worth, Biography, Age, Career


Goya menor Brightwas born May 4, 1995 and is a rising star in Nigeria’s music industry. This Edo-born artist is a rapper and songwriter.

His song Ameno Amapiano remix was a huge hit and the rising star got his chance at fame in 2021. It is the current choice song at clubs and parties in Africa. The song has also reached North America and Europe where thousands of Westerners are listening to it.

Goya is the newest kid on the block. He collaborated with Ghanaian producer Nektunez for the remix version. Ameno Amapiano will be released in June 2021 in Nigerian music.

Personal Life

Goya Manor was 27 years old today, the 4th of May. The attractive music star lives in Lekki in Lagos State. He lives in a nicely furnished apartment and has a nice car.

To spend the holidays with his family, he travels to Edo State. He was once in a relationship but is now single.

Net Worth

Menor is a rising star in the music industry. He makes his living performing at concerts and shows, and also works as a hype performer at clubs.

Goya menor Net Worth is valued at between $80,000 and $110,000 as of 2022.


Goya Menor was an undergraduate who used his creativity to create music and constantly refine his sound. Due to his participation at all events on campus, he was a prominent face in the university’s music community.

He didn’t make it big after he graduated from university. Although they did release a few songs, they didn’t do very well in the market for music. Goya Menor was a well-known artist in the area, but he wanted more. To foster his career in the music industry, he moved to Lagos, Africa’s music capital.

He was smart to do this as he met Erigga, a budding rapper. The duo recorded Make I Yarn in 2016. The single was more popular than Goya Menor’s previous songs.

Goya Menor, despite not having the success he desired in his career, decided to try his hand at hyping and became an artist. He was soon one of the most popular hypemen in Lagos and performed at the best clubs and lounges.

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