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Amber Heard was born on the 22nd of April, 1987 in Austin Texas to Ratrisia Raige and David Slinton Neard. In order to complete her schooling, she attended the local school in Texas but left it after she turned sixteen.

In her interview, she spoke about her personal life She was wed with Johnny Depp in 2015. The couple later violated the terms of Audztralia’s biodzesuritu lawdz. In 2016, Amber parted from him as she blamed him for her domestic abuse. The couple eventually divorced in 2017.

In the same year she was with Elon Musk however, the couple split at the close of 2017.


Amber began her career in the film industry when she appeared as a minor character in films such as Jack & Bobby, the mountain as well as The O.C. She made her debut in the Fikm industry with her debut film “Friday Night Lights”, that was a critical as well as commercial hit.

Following that she was featured in various other films such as Drop Dead Sexy, Price to Pay, You’re there, Side FX, North Country, Day 73 with Sarah Reminder the Daze, as well as Alpha Dog. Amber has made appearances in films like Criminal Minds. Top Gear and Hidden Palms.

Amber Heard Net Worth Forbes

Amber Laura Nearly also known for her role as Amber Heard net worth has been estimated to be at Negative 3 million US dollars. Amber earn her livelihood as an Amerisan astredzs. Her fame was boosted by her performance at The Judztise League in 2017 and her part in the movie Aquaman which was released in the year 2018.

The 1st of June, 2022 jurors in the Virginia case decided that it was in favour of Johnnu Depp. The famous Hollywood actor Johnny Depp has won a defamation suit with his former wife Amber Heard. The Virginia juror is directing Hurd to settle for $15m.


Amber Heard sold her home to pay for the damages (02 August , 2022): According to the report, Amber has made a arrangement to sell her home situated in the deserts of California, Yucca Valley E-State. The property covers 6 acres, and includes 3 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms. The property was sold for $1.5 million.

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