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Amaka BBNaija, a Nigerian internet personality and reality TV show star, is currently Big Brother Naija season 7. After her entry into Nigeria’s biggest reality TV show, she rose to prominence.

Amaka BBNaija Biography

Amaka, real name Chiamaka, Crystal Mbah, is 23 years old and hails from Anambra State. She is a rising star who is talented, well-known and has a lot of energy.



Real Name:

Chiamaka Crystal Mbah


23 years

Date Of Birth:


State of Origin

Anambra State




Healthcare Worker

Net Worth:


Amaka BBNaija Net worth

Amaka’s net worth is $10,000, which is approximately N3880000.00. Amaka is an artist and makes her money.

Amaka BBNaija Career

Amaka, the only girl in her family, stated that she is completely single and can only be with generous men. Her mantra “Grab the bull by its horns and forge ahead” has helped her navigate through the many challenges life brings.

“I’m somewhere in the middle of being a spoilt brat or a disciplined kid.” These are the opening words of Amaka, a 23-year-old Anambra State native and health care worker. The self-confessed daddy of this girl is the only sibling and she loves generous men.

Her motto is “Grab the bull by its horns and forge ahead”, which has helped her get through the many challenges life can throw at her. Amaka admits that she joined Big Brother Naija not only to win but also to have fun, meet new friends, and pepper her ex-boyfriends.

Amaka admitted that she can sometimes seem bold, mean, and “extra”, but when she gets to know her, people realize she is soft as jelly. Amaka is not afraid to talk a lot. This may be something that her Housemates might find irritating. “I’m a huge parrot!” She says that you don’t have to pay me anything. “I can talk non-stop for free.”

Amaka admits to grudges but says she is honest and makes up for it. “I will always be there for you.”

Amaka will take things to the next level as our Nigerian Nicki Minaj. Her strengths are her ability to be original and realistic, while her weaknesses include being emotional and impatient. These traits could work in her favor.

Amaka BBNaija Age

Chiamaka Crystal Mbah popularly known as Amaka is 23 years old in 2022

where is BBNaija Amaka from?

Amaka BBNaija is a Nigerian internet personality, reality TV star, and current Big Brother Naija Season 7 Housemate. He hails from Anambra State.

Amaka BBNaija Instagram

Amaka is currently on Instagram @ @amaka when she entered the house.

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